Adventure in Brasil

Adventure in Brazil

Have you ever thought about visiting a wild and inaccessible country like Brazil? If you are afraid to come alone we can help you to take the first step.

Some of our customers willing to buy their first VW Bus in person and see a chunk of Brazil at one go. That’s totally possible.

Below you can find a brief summary from one of such trips.

Sao Paulo

First place we visited was Sao Paulo, most developed city in Brazil. This is the center of most trades in Brazil. We landed in Guarulhos airport (GRU), about 1,5h from city center where we met with Karolina and Steve. We took Uber, which is very popular in Brazil and quite cheap, to our flat rented via Airbnb. We stayed about 2 days in Sao Paulo. During that time we fixed all the paper work with a car which allowed us to set off in our journey. We saw also some of main attractions and districts like Vila Madalena where most of social life goes on. After that we were ready to continue our trip.

Rio de Janeiro

On the way to Rio de Janeiro we saw many small towns like Caraguatatuba, Ubatuba and Paraty. All of them were beautiful and worth visiting but the place which stuck in our mind was undoubtedly Rio. The city of Rio located in a great place, surrounded by water, small islands and hills. This combination is just charming, especially if you look at the city from Corcovado, the place where a statue of Jesus is situated.



Belo Horizonte

Next we went other way to Belo Horizonte to see how Brazil looks inside. The way there was really though. Sometimes our bus barely withstand dirt roads and mountainous terrain. After 10+ hours of driving we finally reached our destination. We spent there 2 days, maybe it wasn’t so spectacular as Rio but it was worth visiting to something different than seashore. What you can see there are nice architectural buildings and some parks with Parque das Mangabeir or Holy Lake with capybaras.


Some Brazilian people say that best carnival is in Salvador not Rio. We did’t have opportunity to confirm this but liked Salvador very much. This is one of the top Brazilian cities just after Rio. It used to be former capital city of Brazil and it was called Bahia in the past.  What catches an eye are colors everywhere, great localization and beaches.

Brazil is great!

Despite many obstacles we met during our journey I can truly recommend coming to South America and visit Brazil. It is totally different world than Europe but if you are not afraid of the unknown, this destination is for you! Great weather, beautiful beaches, amazing people, all of these you can meet here in Brazil. Be prepared for slightly higher prices but all of above will reward it grately.


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